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By Renovations Plus of Naples | May 15, 2020

When it comes to kitchen revamps, it’s easy to feel swamped with decisions and hard to picture how the end goal will amalgamate together. As experts in the field, one question we frequently encounter from clients, is how to pick the perfect kitchen cabinets for your kitchen space. The answer to this will depend on the many variables we will explore in this post!

  1. Think about space

Ultimately, the number of kitchen cabinets you will go for will very much depend on the space you have in your kitchen. It’s essential to consider the shape of the room, will you select L shaped cabinets, or cabinets to fit archways? If space permits, an island or a breakfast bar are both practical components to add to a smartly designed kitchen.

You may well have heard of the “triangle” kitchen concept. This refers to the sink, fridge and cooker which should ideally be in a triangle shape, no more than two feet apart. The reason being as these are the most integral items in the kitchen area.

We also see a rise in eco-friendly designed kitchens appearing, with areas for creating your own compost and waste disposal systems. Reverse osmosis water filter systems and LED energy-efficient lighting. Where your windows are situated will affect air quality, so plan effectively ventilation that can get to your kitchen cabinet areas.

2. Think about material

Wood cabinets have always remained a popular kitchen choice, for a traditional and elegant look. Once you have decided upon your kitchen concept, it’s much easier to match cabinets accordingly. Dark woods such as ebony and walnut can set you back a fair few dollars, consider it a long-term investment as the right natural wood provides a timeless design solution. Cherry is also a popular choice, and it also lends itself to a variety of wood stains.

Ask yourself, are you looking for a rustic country kitchen or a modern, sleek appearance? Alternatively, laminate options are much more cost-efficient and offer a clean and minimal fresh look. Don’t forget glass-fronted cabinets are also an option.

White is also a go-to choice, usually in PC, laminate, or painted white wood. These keep kitchens looking fresh, are easy to clean, and also contrast nicely with stainless steel or aluminum surfaces.

3. Think about cabinet finishes

Once you have assessed your budget and preferred cabinet material, it’s time to think about the finish. Are you looking for something super reflective and glossy? These textures give the illusion of space in smaller kitchen spaces. However, they can often require a fair amount of cleaning upkeep. Are you looking for a wood stain such as teak or golden oak? Would you like the grain of the wood to be exposed? Do you have a particular color scheme in mind? These are all entirely plausible questions to ponder prior throughout the decision-making process. Keep finishes cohesive, and don’t overlook the appliances that will be going into your perfect kitchen.

Many people find selecting a kitchen countertop an excellent starting point to finding the ideal cabinet finish. Slate, marble and wood are desirable options for countertops, which then enable you to pair your cabinets accordingly. Interior design experts recommend keeping to a limited color palette here. If your counters are light, add a darker cabinet for contrast.

4. Think about accessories

How about creating the perfect backlight behind exposed cabinets? Lighting can transform the way your cabinets look and add depth to any great kitchen remodel. Aside from lighting, internal cabinet accessories are a huge trend we have seen sweeping into 2020. Fixed waste disposal systems, rotating spice racks, pull out step stools to reach hard to get to areas are all fantastic add on items.  Some people love having a vegetable rack within cabinets or built-in wine racks, it really depends on your lifestyle.

The list is truly endless when it comes to storage solutions, and this may also depend on the space you have in your kitchen. Nowadays you can also cleverly disguise refrigerators and dishwashers behind built-in cabinets. Speak to one of our advisors, and we will tailor your specific needs to your design requirements.

Don’t forget additional kitchen accessories such as lampshades and breakfast bar chairs. Considering the perfect soft furnishings such as blinds or curtains for your windows and how to hang kitchen towels will all add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Patterns and print can be used wonderfully to contrast with kitchen cabinets. If you aren’t sure what we mean, think country kitchens with quaint shabby chic signs, hooks and décor which surrounds kitchen cabinets.

5. Think about fixtures and fittings

The majority of kitchen cabinets don’t come with hardware such as handles, doorknobs and pulls. For many, this can be a tricky deciding factor since the market is swamped with choice.  It’s easy to neglect quality for an attractive low-cost alternative, so consider how much traffic your kitchen units will be receiving. You’ll require your kitchen hardware to be sturdy and withstand the test of time. The hinges you choose will impact upon the handles you will go for. Typically, drawers remain to be handle-free, with push to open runners. Handles can be traditional knobs, or glossy metals for that chic look.

It’s okay to think out of the box entirely, how about rose gold or brushed metals? You can be as creative as you wish with your preferred hardware finishing. Mirrors, glass and bohemian eastern mosaics are also key trends we have seen emerging in Florida.

Renovations Plus offers an excellent level of attention and expertise to all of our customers. We aim to provide every customer with exceptional service, fantastic long-lasting products and of course, excellent prices. We will conduct a thorough analysis to get a deeper understanding of your exact requirements and provide you with the best options to suit your budget, lifestyle and overall concept. For more information get in touch today.