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By Renovations Plus of Naples | April 28, 2020

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not for this year? Here at Renovations plus we have gathered up the definitive list of this year’s top trends.

1.      The vintage affair

For a touch of retro Hollywood glamour think gold fixtures and fittings. Forget about clean, sleek chrome, aged brass, and gold shades are popular trends we expect to see more and more of this year. Warm tones such as rose gold are also making a statement. Where? Just about everywhere! Taps, towel rails, the feet of a roll-top tub. These earthy accents instantly add a touch of luxury to any bathroom suite.  What’s more, these matte tones hide fingerprints and splash-back incredibly well, making them pretty low maintenance on the cleaning front.

2.    Plush mirrors

Why not add a large gilded mirror as a center piece? You’d be surprised by the amount of gold surrounding you, and it need not be opulent and garish. You can readily find fittings in an array of finishes such as satin and spun gold.

3.    Industrial revolution

We first saw this trend sweeping in from funky bars across Europe, and now that’s right it’s entering our homes. Exposed pipes and brickwork are undoubtedly a go-to trend this year. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, hanging lights contrasting with bright Spanish -esque tiles certainly make a focal point in any bathroom. When it comes to fixtures, this is where we have seen an enormous resurgence in black matte fixtures. This urban trend is here to stay.

4.    Quirky patterns

Traditional mosaic may have had its day, but this year the mosaic is back. And not in the classical back panel of a shower we have come to know and expect. Advances in technology have enabled a massive overhaul in fascinating patterns and print design. Dalli styled tiles are now a mainstay in our bathrooms. A large brick or subway tile no longer floats our boat, the more bespoke, the better.

A touch of the East

We want intricate, and we want unique. Moroccan fish scales and Turkish hammam influences are spicing up the bathroom scene with a variety of colors and textures. These eye-catching patterns make the perfect addition to a splash-back, window frames and ceilings, reflecting light and giving us the definition, a decent bathroom deserves.

5.    Nature lover

Hygge has been an immense Nordic trend to enter our homes. It means creating a warm and cozy environment by bringing touches of nature indoors. Think pine, fluffy rugs, plush texture and soft ethereal lighting. Why not add some fairy lights, large candles or some books? Hygge is very much about being present, so allow yourself to connect with the here and now while relaxing in the bathroom after a long day.

6.    Opulent textiles

Cushions, throws, rugs, chunky knit blankets, all of these need not be banished to the bedroom or living room. Adding some high-quality textiles to your bathroom instantly creates a sense of warmth. Bathrooms can often appear cold, however, rest assured you can avoid that by adding layers of contrasting textures. Don’t cut corners with towels, the right ones can instantly add quality and depth to your bathroom.

7.    Color shock

While we all know neutral tones make for a sophisticated bathroom, we are seeing an emergence of greys and beige contrasting with a pop of colors. Think a feature wall in sky blue or candy pink. It is well-noted different colors have an effect on your mood, blue is said to be calming and green a feeling of at one with nature. This is a simple trick to create an element of fun in what was an ordinary bathroom.

8.    Asymmetrical mirrors

At the opposite end of the gilded mirror, scale sits the jagged cut or unusual shaped flat mirror. They can be illuminated with backlights, or a series aligned together to create a sense of a larger space. Mirrors don’t have to be hung up classically, you can really get creative here with zig-zagging them all over!

9.    Underfloor heating

To elevate your bathroom to the highest level, invest in underfloor heating. Not only will it feel heavenly on your feet, but it avoids the sense of dampness many bathrooms elude. Underfloor heat is suitable under a variety of floor types, from wood, tiles and even vinyl. Not only adding plenty of warmth, but underfloor heating has also been found to help with allergies and reduce noise levels.

10.    Step into tech

Once upon a time, electrical appliances in the bathroom was an absolute no go. Now with increasingly sophisticated design, we see this trend radicalising our traditional bathroom space. Fitted speakers surround sound, TV’s built into the wall and hair dryers are transforming our bathrooms. Gadgets are never-ending, and now you can safely have your comforts at hand in the bathroom. Talk about Netflix and chill!

11.    Monochrome Melancholy

For those with a penchant for all things minimal, monochrome is an absolute must. Bright, sleek spaces instantly add value to any bathroom, alongside razor-sharp contrasts. To give it a modern edge, think about combining black and white with intricate patterns such as houndstooth or bold stripes. Black doesn’t have to be dull, it’s all about the balance of the white to dark ratio. You can always throw in a reflective marble sink and vanity station to offset harsh tones or a high gloss wallpaper.

12.    Flower power

Similar to adding a touch of nature through materials, the year 2020 brings with it an abundance of plants and flowers to the bathroom. Herb garden? Why not! Sunflowers, or geraniums? Go for it. Plant’s don’t have to be a spider plant clinging on to dear life. Funky elephant ear plants with large, vibrant pots and hanging florals can instantly change any bathroom.

13.    Concrete comeback

Lava stone and exposed concrete might not instantly come to mind when creating a top-quality bathroom, but indeed, the effects can be stunning. Think about wrapping spaces surrounding a shower, sink or toilet.

14.    Pure and simple

Plain white walls and a block floor keeps things minimal and clean. Contrast textures of white to create this fashionable look. Gloss white, rough white, sand textured wall white, brick white tiles and white wooden mirrors. Think the opposite of intricate!

15.    Marble mainstay

Yes, it’s 2020, and we are delighted to report marble is going nowhere. What’s been popular for centuries still holds steady in any bathroom. And for a good reason, marble instantly creates a clean extravagant feel in any space. It’s a classic, elegant and timeless look that you won’t need to overhaul anytime soon.

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