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As the world around us changes, so must our commercial buildings to reflect it so they’re not be left behind. When it comes to commercial building renovations, you get the best value for your investment by thinking about tomorrow, not today. The Renovations Plus commercial building remodelling and renovations team are always ready to work with you and discover opportunities to optimize your renovation so it will hold up both today and in the future.


For every optical or functional problem, there is a solution. Fresh paint, new siding, upscale flooring, a new roof, or any other structural repairs and renovations will give your commercial building the fresh look and functionality you desire.

Southwest-Florida weather can take a heavy its toll on commercial buildings, making the restoration services of our experienced craftsmen a worthwhile investment that will pay itself over and over again. Whatever your needs for commercial building renovation/remodeling – Renovations Plus is your answer!


A clear, cohesive vision is the key to any successful and fully-functional commercial building project. If you bring the idea, we’ll add our expertise and get the ball rolling on a fast and cost-effective build out that will have you and your tenants beaming (no pun intended!).


We strive to maximize your satisfaction and minimize your stress – it’s that simple. That’s why we commit ourselves to giving you the best customer experience possible by making sure that every box on your checklist is ticked. From price to timelines, we treat every client with the utmost respect and care.

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Our knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous contractors, carpenters, and a complete staff of in-house craftsmen are specially trained to give our clients the most accurate estimates possible on every and any commercial construction project in the Naples, FL area.

Call us today and we’ll stop by for an obligation-free consultation and get in-depth insights on your construction budget, requirements, and completion times.

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Renovations Plus provides an entire team of carpenters and craftsmen to help every business owner we work with get their building projects completed on time and on budget every time in Naples, FL.