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Roofing Repair Services Naples


What do you want your roof to say about the value of your home? Lots: a good roof can easily increase the value of a home. From the initial attraction to the energy efficiency, a roof is an essential component of your basic house structure, which is why you want it to be free of any damage and made of the highest quality materials. A quality roof should protect your home at all times from leaks or any other damage it may incur over the years.


The Renovations Plus roofing crew is a clear choice for a first class roof in the Naples, Florida region. We know exactly how to build and maintain them for the often strong and varied weather conditions this region endures. From water damage to storm resistance, you will want to consult with Renovations Plus to select the optimal roofing materials that are guaranteed to withstand all inclement weather. Whether you need a roof repair an existing roof or install a new roof entirely, Renovations Plus can give you the best quality workmanship for your roofing needs.


In the construction industry, the quality of your roofing materials can go a long way. There is no point in wasting money by installing clay tiles that only end up breaking or falling off because the roofer used low-quality materials. With us, you’ll never have to worry about workmanship or material quality issues. That’s why we routinely back our service with a 100% customer satisfaction warranty unlike any other offered by competing roofing companies in Florida.


We’re in the business of helping people and are committed to providing whatever it takes to give you a roof that will look great and function even better. That’s why we put integrity and trust at the center of our core values each and every day. Our team will coordinate your entire roof rebuild and restoration process, including cleanup, repairs, and filing your associated insurance claim. We’ll ensure that all phases of your job are completed to your complete satisfaction and your space is left better than it was before – guaranteed.


It’s hard to know what to change in your roof if you aren’t aware of the areas that require your attention. Renovations Plus can provide onsite roof inspections on behalf of experts specially trained to look for the following issues:

  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Cracked or curling caulk
  • Rusted or bent metal flashings
  • Loose or rusted gutters
  • Leaks and water damage
  • Mold and other organic growth
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Affordable Roofing Services and Repairs

Make your money go the extra distance. Ask for a free assessment and consultation to create a custom budget-friendly roof renovation plan that will address the main issues in your building’s roof without sacrificing long-term quality or durability. Our quotes are always quick, consistent, and cost-effective.

Install a New Gutter for Your Home

There’s no reason not to get new gutters today. As far as home improvement projects are concerned, it’s one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to extend the life of your roof while improving water flow and drainage around your home. New gutters take a short time to install and can increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal overnight.

Residential Renovation & Remodeling

Renovations Plus offers the highest quality of residential renovation and remodeling services to meet the needs of our clients and the size and scale of their home projects in the Naples, FL. area. If you dream of a new kitchen layout or a luxury bathroom we can make your dreams come true.