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Why a Home Elevator has Become a Popular Mobility Solution

By Renovations Plus of Naples | February 9, 2021

Even though a home elevator might seem like a bit of an extreme addition for an everyday house the recent Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown that followed has really emphasized the need to have better mobility in one’s house. With the lockdown easing and many people trying to figure out what to do after in the aftermath, many with reduced mobility who had been restricted within their own homes for so long have come to realize that being able to access all parts of their house is of great importance. This is why home elevators have become a hot topic in recent days.

Elderly people and people with disabilities have been the most affected by this problem during this time. Having to climb up and down the stairs multiple times during a day in order to access the upper floors have been always quite a challenge to them. This satiation has been exacerbated during the lockdown leading to increased trips and falls in their homes.

The traditional solution to this has been the stair-lift and is quite popular as a solution for people with mobility issues for scaling floors. But they have a history of being clunky, difficult to use, and restrictive for people who do not use the lift. But over time people have been searching for more modernistic and more stylish solutions for the issue and that is how home elevators have become a more attractive option.

The main issue with the stair-lift is that depending on the condition of the person with the mobility problem, that person might need help from another person to securely get on and off the lift. The home elevator on the other hand will enable a person using either a wheelchair or a walker to use the elevator unaided and by themselves.

Home elevators come in two main types; the duo series elevators which can accommodate up to two people and the trio series that is specifically made for wheelchair users. A larger lift is more useful and versatile because it will provide space for an additional person such as a carer to accompany the patient on the elevator.

The advantage that current home elevators have is that unlike the older version that ran using hydraulics or noisy vacuum systems, most of which needed a separate machine room, the newer ones run on independent motor systems that can be plugged into one of the home’s own power outlets.

Because of new manufacturing standards, unlike older home elevators that were boxy and square-looking, the newer one looks very sleek and modern and will blend into the décor of your home seamlessly. And because you don’t need any load-bearing walls to support the elevator it is very easy to install as well.

Any home elevator should comply with ASME A17.7 and ASME A18.1 Vertical Lift Code standards in order to endure that all the safety standards are met.