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Average bathroom renovation cost

By Renovations Plus of Naples | August 10, 2021

Pause for a moment and reflect upon the last time you entered a bathroom that completely took your breath away. There were likely more significant features than just a washbasin, corner shower and a toilet.  Utterly fine bathrooms incorporate spectacular design features and extra elements that create a high-end, multi-functional space.

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom finding inspiration is easy on renovations plus, however after seeing the bathroom of our dreams, many of us ask the big question, how much will that cost

In today’s post, we will be exploring precisely that question and some bathroom options to consider. Locally in the Naples area more and more people are looking to refresh their bathrooms, in short, the answer is there isn’t a one-hat fits all solution. There are several factors entailed with accurately pricing up a bathroom makeover.

Food for thought

Before we look at the numbers, why not consider these excellent bathroom ideas to create a stylistic refresh?

Closet comfort

We are seeing a trend in the Naples area of more and more home enthusiasts creating a walk-in closet. While this might not be your first priority for a bathroom remodel, it’s a rapidly become a favoured choice for those who enjoy its easy access and practicality. A small fitted closet can store all your trinkets, not to mention fresh towels and spare toiletries.

Dividing areas and partitions

For bathrooms with plenty of space, divided areas are a great idea. For example, a separate closed toilet with a lockable door is ideal for larger families or for adding extra privacy. It’s a fabulous way of adding extra space and depth to any bathroom, not to mention more than one person can utilize the bathroom at once.

Sink and surrounds

If you can part with the countertop space surrounding a standard sink, why not consider a vessel sink? These perch nicely on top of your counter and instantly add an aesthetically pleasing stylish feel and are a quite the centre point in remodelled bathrooms.

Spa bath

For those that love to soak and while away a tough day, a luxury tub is an excellent edition. Depending on your style, you could add a freestanding bath with ornate legs, or a jet spa corner tub. Either option makes for an elegant bathroom addition.

Walk-in shower

For areas with a larger footprint, why not consider a sperate tub and a walk-in shower. The surrounding walls can be developed to create a focal point with patterned mosaics, or a sleek, smooth marble finish. Both are popular trends we have noted in the Naples area.

Are you interested in including these stylistic features in your custom remodel? Let us know! We can help make your ordinary getting-ready space, a little less ordinary.

Dressing area

Much of great design comes with knowing what one should add, and what one should take away. A simple dressing area with a vintage mirror or vanity table offer a great space to keep toiletries and a serene spot to get pampered. You can add a comfortable chair to make it an ideal place to relax into getting ready.

First things first, check the average costs.

Now we have provided some great inspiration it’s time to think about the numbers. One great source for reliable costs for renovation projects is the website This site looks at the geographical area and the average cost breakdowns. It’s a good idea because we know, depending on where you live, the price may fluctuate. A bathroom in the Naples vicinity will vary in cost compared to living in a rural area or a big city.

The site also identifies when it comes to a total remodel; there are different levels one can follow. Locally, the closest the site gets to Naples is the Fort Myers region. You’ll notice they provide two prices for bathroom refurbishment, upscale and midrange. For a high-end upscale project, the price bracket is estimated in the region of $56,000. On the other end of the spectrum, a mid-range makeover is predicted to be in the vicinity of $16,700.

What defines upscale and midrange? Here’s how cost vs value categorizes the renovations to give you an idea.


  • Update to an existing 5 x 7 ft bathroom
  • All fixtures and fittings replaced to include 30×60 inch porcelain on steel tub with 4×4 inch ceramic tile surround
  • A standard white toilet
  • A single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced shower control
  • An illuminated medicinal cabinet
  • Ceramic tiled floor
  • Vinyl wallpaper


  • Expansion of an existing 35-square-foot bathroom to 100 square feet within the existing house footprint.
  • Moving of all fixtures and fittings
  • Use of all-new colour fixtures and matching ceramic tiles diagonally laid, with ceramic tile base moulding
  • Inclusion of a 42-by-42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls with accent strip, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and frameless glass enclosure
  • Addition of a freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets
  • Addition of a stone countertop with two sinks and two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting
  • A compartmentalized commode area with one-piece toilet; and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan.
  • Addition of general and spotlighting and inclusion of a waterproof shower fixture.
  • Cabinet areas include a custom drawer base and wall cabinets for a built-in look. Extend the HVAC system, and include electric in-floor heating.

Essentially, your dream bathroom renovation ultimately depends on the fixtures, fittings you opt for. Naturally, the figures we mentioned above will change depending on the breadth of your project, although it does give you a tentative idea.

Take a look through some of our incredible Kerr portfolio or our renovations in Donisi, You’ll notice there’s a great variety of bathrooms here, depending on your taste, space and budget. This should give you great food for thought on how to implement your dream bathroom getaway in the heart of Florida. Once you have a vision in mind, we can help develop your ideas and give you an accurate quote based on a real plan.